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Checked Your Oil Lately?
by Author Unknown

Open Windows Part 2
by James Smith

Surrounded By God
by Mark Cottrill

A Pure Heart
by James Smith

It's A Heart Issue
by James Smith

Permission To Prosper
by James Smith


J.E. Gray

Robert M. Bagwill

Jamie Leal

Lalachan Abraham

Wade Bass

Ikechukwu Okeke


The Family


Men's Ministry


Soul Winning

Books of the Bible


"I wanted to take the time to reply by saying that PreachIt.org, has truly been a blessings to my sermon studies. As a former evangelist, who just recently started pastoring I have found the sermon outlines on this site to be a tremendous boost in my studies. I personally have gleaned many nuggets of truth from these sermon outlines. Some of the most rewarding times in the ministry is when other ministers get together an share thoughts or insights about messages preached, or messages not yet birthed. When I am on PreachIt.org, I feel that I am able to have those conversations, but on a more broader horizon. What a benefit!! Thank you for your endeavor! May the Lord richly bless you!"

Pastor Robert Wimberley
Fountain View Pentecostal Church
Humble, Texas

"Bro. Smith what a great ministry the Lord has laid on your heart, I have been using Preach It for a few weeks, It is great to look at other Holy Ghost Inspired sermon outlines. When God is speaking to me about a direction for a bible study, this site has helped me to build ideas and cultivate a fresh thought. Thank you for the help!"

Pastor Richard Wilson
Life Outreach Ministries
Queen Creek, AZ

"I have been scanning the sermon & bible study outlines for a couple of weeks and have been impressed with the time, material and the thought process that has been put into these sermons. I have enjoyed gleaming from new ideas and different aspects of understanding the scriptures. It's great to receive new inspiration through the minds of others. This type of support from Pentecostal ministers to Pentecostal ministers has been long overdue. If all would participate, many churches and people would be blessed. Sharing knowledge and wisdom is something that has to happen to stay on the cutting edge. I think its great and am really enjoying it. I hope to contribute some of my own sermons soon. I think you are doing a great thing, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"

Douglas Norton , Senior Pastor
First UPC of Council Bluffs, IA

"I am enjoying your service very much. I have found some things that I feel have come from God to bless me and my ministry. Keep up the good work and may the God of Heaven bless you and give you great Revival."

Rev. D.L. Orange , Pastor
Deweyville UPCI
Texas District Sunday School Teacher

Looking For Good Sermon Ideas?

Often when you have a starting point, and you know WHAT you want to preach and minister on, but you don't have the materials you need... Searching thru past works of previous pastors, ministers & preachers can be a HUGE Blessing.

Why Not Search our 225 Authors?
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Or Search by the Specifc Topic/Theme:topical tips

Or Search by Bible Verse Or Book
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Our membership area has the following topics at your fingertips!

sermon ideas
  • The Godhead
  • Baptism
  • Holy Spirit In filling
  • Bible Prophecy
  • Prayer
  • The Family
  • Miracles
  • Salvation
  • Encouragement
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Stewardship
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Worship
  • Leadership
  • Revival
  • The Cross
  • How To Receive
    The Holy Ghost
  • And More!
  • Faith
  • Holidays
  • Love
  • Men's Ministry
  • Women's Ministry
  • Mental Illness
  • Doctrine
  • Christ's Return
  • Witnessing
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Baby Dedications
  • The Mind
  • Communion
  • Creation
  • Fasting
  • Many Series
    Messages of
    Various Topics

"Great & Famous Speech Writers Borrow Ideas From
Other Famous Speakers. Now you can borrow chunks
from over 225 Pastors at your fingertips!"

  • Pressures of daily life and the demands of ministry often do not allow a minister the time needed to prepare an effective message. Our congregations deserve our best! Let's give it to them!
  • Allow another Pentecostal Man/Woman of God to share with you their own thoughts on a particular subject.
  • Get the help you need in preparing that dynamic message of Hope and Strength for your church and ministry.

Look At This!

www.PreachIt.org is an Apostolic/Pentecostal resource web site with over 2,850 manuscript and outlined sermons of various topics. They can be used as they are, edited or downloaded from the site and printed.

“I enjoy just reading the sermon outlines for my own devotions. These sermon outlines and bible studies have moved me to preach with more fire than ever. Plus they have given me more fuel for the fire, with words that expand my ministry.”

Pastor Steven J. Dahl
The Pentecostal Lighthouse Church
Oconto, WI

Currently we have over 110 contributing authors. Some of Pentecost's greatest preachers are on that list. They understand that there are preachers all over the world who stand behind pulpits 2-3 times every week who need good, inspirational content for their next sermon outline and bible study.

Our authors include:
G.T. Haywood, Lee Stoneking, James Kilgore, Nathaniel A. Urshan, Jerry Jones, O.F. Fause, W.W. Pugh, Verbal Bean, David K. Bernard, T.F. Tenny, Nona Freeman, Vesta Mangan, Fred Childs, Aubrey Jayroe, David Bayer, Raymond Woodward, Robert Stroup, Michael Blankenship, Mike Phelps, William Chapman, James Holland, Philip Harrelson, Ken Raggio, Andy Gossett, Robert P. Wahler, Horacio Lachica, Mike Russell, Greg Crandell, Bayless Conley, James Groce, T.R. Kelly, J. Mark Jordan, James Maki, Arthur T. Morgan, Kenneth Bow, Dan Mena, J.L. Hall, Paul D. Dugas, J.T. Pugh, Carl Ballestero, Ken Bow, Wade Bass, Murray E. Burr, Russell R. Wisehart, Don C. Modarelli, Dieter Skowron, D. E. Haymon Sr., Rex Deckard, Robert Wimberly, Steve Boyd, Darrell Blackwell, Dan Garrett, Jimmy Wilson, Mark Cottrill, James Smith, Kevin Schramm, C. Cody Thompson,Gary Wheeler, John Elkins, Warren Tryon, Donovan Burkett, Mark Hopper, James Moses, Craig Washington, John E. Klemin, Roger Roth, Gary Evensen, Dewayne Presson, James Bigelow, Paul Price, Derald Weber, Jimmy Smith, Craig Kalbes, Raymond Warren, Phil Jones, Steve Epley, Kenneth Colegrove, John Boyd, Stephen Horne, Robert Ziriak, Kerry Hammer, Robert Summitt, Mark McCool, Eugene Grace, Robert M. Bagwill, Scott Voss, Brian Davis, Lark Lewis, John Wilkins, Kevin D. Edwards, and more!

"This is the most amazing Apostolic Ministerial Resource available."

100% of the Sermon tips and Bible Studies are contributed by
Pentecostal / Apostolic Ministers.

Get immediate access for only .29 per day.

But Wait!... There's More!

Sermon Outlines with PowerPoint are available on Preach It!

Take a look at the latest Sermon Outlines and PowerPoint Presentations!

  • Beautiful imagery will enhance your scriptural presentation.
  • Whether you're teaching the Adult Sunday School class or a midweek Bible Study, these Power Points will add visual reinforcement to your teaching.
  • Easily adapt these already completed PowerPoints to meet your congregation's needs.
  • Add to them your own outline or added thoughts to create a convincing presentation of God's Word.

"What an awesome web site. It is great to have an Apostolic Resource to stir our thinking. I've been to other sermon sites and they lack the deep anointing that you feel when you read the sermon outlines on this site. Thanks for letting God use you in this ministry."

Pastor Mark A. Hopper
The Potter's House Church
Battle Creek, MI

But Wait!... There's Still More!

Does Your Church Currently Have A Small Group Ministry?

By subscribing now, you'll also get access to A Continuous Supply Of Home Friendship Group Edifications.

Even though you are already getting Access To Over 2,850 Sermons & Bible Studies, you will also have access to over 150 (and growing) Home Friendship Group Edifications. These aren't outdated or irrelevant topics. They are valuable tools designed to increase body life and fellowship which will cause your Small Group Ministry to multiply.!

150 Edifications Online and many more to come.

"These exciting Edifications are easy to use and are not cluttered with "too" much jargon. They are written to provoke body edification.

Your Small Groups will be blessed!"

  • Browse over 150 Edification Topics currently online.
    (New Topics Added Regularly)
  • Simply download the Edification Topic that fits your Small Group's needs.
  • Edit, in Word to "tailor" to your ministry's vision.
  • And Print!

3 New Bonuses

We are offering 3 new bonus features to new and existing subscribers to PreachIt.org . These are in addition to having access to over 2,850 sermon outlines and manuscripts.

Bonus # 1
Over 100 detailed Ministry/Job descriptions

For nearly every possible ministry position in the church. (This feature alone is worth the price of a subscription.) You can adjust these to meet your ministry's own unique needs.

Bonus # 2
Care Minister forms and Ministry descriptions

To help you track, generate and maintain growth in your church's Care ministry.

Bonus # 3
"Unwrapping Gifts Of Ministry"

This detailed questionnaire is designed to be printed out and given to your congregation to fill out. Once tallied, it will reveal the gifts each person posses and will even offer you suggestions as to where to place that person in the ministry of the church. This is a powerful tool for any church whose vision is to utilize the gifts of each member and to grow numerically and Spiritually.

These bonus features are a tremendous administrative benefit for any church. Without proper organization in a church, many of the labours of evangelism are lost as new converts are seldom followed up on.

See For Yourself...

After purchasing your subscription to Preach It, you'll get instant access to view or download all of the material mentioned. You can begin using it right away! You will realize the value of this site over and over again. Every time you use it!

"I appreciate the vision you have put into action. As a home missions pastor I have found some jewels that have kept my flame burning in times when it has been hard. It is wonderful to glean from the field of so many great Men of God. I wish I could thank each one individually for the effort that has been put forth just for me."

Pastor Keith Castleberry
Victory Church
College Station, Texas

Thanks to this exciting ministerial resource you can literally glean at the feet of over 110 wonderful Pentecostal Preachers. This powerful new resource will enhance your ministry greatly.

You Will Benefit from Having a Subscription to PreachIt.org if...

  • You are a working or busy Pastor!
  • You'd like to add more good content to your messages!
  • You'd like access to over Over 2,850+ Sermon & Bible Study Outlines!
  • You'd like to have more time & place to study God's word!
  • You want to offer your congregation messages with deeper content and fresher illustrations!
  • You'd like to spend time improving your preaching ministry!
  • You want access to these materials any where you have an internet connection!
  • You're tired of wasting your time searching the net for "Pentecostal" Sermon ideas!
  • You want user-friendly access that is 100% guaranteed to bless your ministry!

If you have a computer with internet access, then you can have access to PreachIt.org. Whether you're at the house, a hotel, your work or church office, you can access the PreachIt.org database via the internet. After you have obtained your subscription, simply go out to PreachIt.org, and type your email address and password in the sermons area. That's it!

You'll Receive Everything Listed Below When You Subscribe To PreachIt.org Today!!

  • 1. 100% access to all Sermon/ Bible Studies
    There are no "per Sermon" costs or "extras" to pay for. Absolutely nothing additional to pay for. Once you get your subscription, you have 100% access to the material on the site.
  • 2. Complete access to all PowerPoint Presentations
    This growing library will save you many hours preparing your next Power Point Message. After downloading and editing a Power Point, simply save it to a disc and take it to the church computer to display during your preaching. A few of these may take a couple of minutes to download due to detailed and beautiful imagery.
  • 3. 100% Access to all Home Friendship Group Edifications
    For churches with Home Friendship Groups, this aspect of the site alone will save you money since you will no longer need to purchase "books" of HFG topics. These topics are written for Pentecostal small groups by Pentecostal Pastors / Ministers.
  • 4. PreachIt.org Newsletter
    Every 1-2 weeks you will receive the PreachIt.org newsletter. Designed to encourage and edify the leadership of the church, you will find many nuggets to share with your leadership team. You can visit the Archive to view all previous Newsletters as well!
  • 5. Minister's Chat Room
    Our latest addition to the PreachIt.org site. A chat room for Ministers only and another for Lady Ministers & Minister's wives. Or if you like, create your own chat room and invite your friends to it. Meet and chat with ministers from all over the world without having to deal with all the nonsence on yahoo etc. A great place for ministers to minister to one another.
  • 6. Continuous Updates
    Every time there is a significant change or update to the site, we will let you know. There are going to be some great additions to the site soon and we don't want you to miss a thing!

"With over 2,850 Sermons Outlines & Bible Studies currently
in the database, and still more coming, you are sure to find
new ideas and fresh thoughts for your next sermon."

Subscribe Today and start building some of the most dynamic sermons of your ministry!

Here’s the Best Guarantee You’ll Ever See!

Your subscription comes with a no-questions, no-quibble, 7 Day money back guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this information isn’t right for you, just email us at anytime within 7 Days, and we’ll refund you every penny you paid.

That's 7 FULL Days to put PreachIt.org
to the test. You will be glad you did.


After purchasing your subscription to Preach It, you'll get instant access to view or download all of the material mentioned.

And you can begin using it right away! You will realize the value of this site over and over again. Every time you use it! With our 100% guarantee, there's no excuse for passing up this incredible opportunity.

Use our secure payment processor to get your subscription now!

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"Brother your site has been an awesome resource - thanks for the hard work and vision to follow through on this appreciated project!"

Pastor Dieter Skowron
Abundant Life Tabernacle
Johnstown, Colorado

"Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your site. May the good Lord bless your ministry as you stay focus on the furtherance of Gods kingdom through you. I will promote this to my colleagues. Thank you!"

Antonio , Pastor
Ilocos Norte, Phils.

"Bro. Smith, I was able to get into Preach It and everything works great! Thank you."

Bro. Jim Moses
Abundant Life UPC
Janesville, WI

"Thank you Jim for the fantastic sermon outlines! Be blessed!"

Sammy Silingi , Pastor

"Bro. Smith, Thank you for the e-mail on Leadership, I enjoy reading your comments on Leadership. As a pastor who realizes the need for leaders, I look forward each week to reading your articles. I work a full time job in addition to pastoring. This leaves me very little time for preparing for my 1 hour leadership class every Sunday morning. So thank you for your help. Keep up the Great work you are doing for God's Kingdom."

Pastor Victor Vera
Apostolic Gospel Temple
Beavercreek, OH

"I am impressed with this web site. The information age requires specialized tools. This is one every minister needs in his "tool bag". May God Bless this Ministry!"

Pastor John Gannon
Viola Pentecostal Church